SNMP equipment monitoring system

To create an IT-monitoring of the equipment operability of security systems using the SNMP protocol, the Camkeeper software and hardware complex is used.

This ready-made, pre-configured solution allows at a glance to assess the operability and interaction of all elements of the IT infrastructure of the security system, as well as build a trusting relationship between the customer and the contractor, thanks to transparent functionality that is understandable for both parties.

Camkeeper is connected to switches, router, cameras, UPS, ACS controller, printer, external sensors. The system includes more than 80 pre-configured monitoring templates for all security systems equipment and IT infrastructure from various manufacturers.

The system is working!
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Evaluate the performance of the security system at a glance

The clarity of working with site plans is primarily relevant for the security service. An understanding of the weak points of the security system immediately appears, to see exactly where the defective equipment is located, and, if necessary, allows you to make the right decision to strengthen a specific area.

Full control over the system at any time

The status report for each device is automatically generated by the system and is available for viewing at any time. Camkeeper allows you to instantly respond to emerging problems, as well as conduct a comprehensive analysis of the interaction of equipment with each other.

Instant notifications

Camkeeper compares the received metrics from devices to match the template every 30 seconds.

In the event of deviations in the monitored devices (abnormal operation), Camkeeper double-checks the data and, if the incident is confirmed, notifies by all available means.

Camkeeper can notify by e-mail, SMS, Telegram bot. The user himself defines the recipients of the notifications.

Notifications contain information about the defective device, the nature of the error, and the time of occurrence.

If the error is corrected, Camkeeper will check 5 times and send a notification about the correction of the situation.


Camkeeper is a local solution. System health data is not sent to the cloud to third parties and is available only to the user.

Camkeeper has no effect on the overall performance of the monitored system.

Has a built-in modem for independent notification and built-in sensors that monitor the state of the environment.

Smart IT-monitoring standard

The system allows you to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the security system due to the rapid identification of emerging problems.

In case of malfunctions of elements of the video surveillance system, Camkeeper gives precise recommendations for their elimination.

Full control of occurrence and troubleshooting.

Connection is made in 1 action!

Cheaper, faster, safer

Camkeeper is a ready-made, pre-configured health monitoring solution. Implementation takes significantly less time and does not require fine tuning and modifications, and is also an order of magnitude cheaper than available similar monitoring solutions.

  • Interoperability over various data transfer protocols, including RTSP and SNMP< / span>
  • Easy to switch on: no special knowledge required to start
  • Specialization for security systems
  • Ready hardware and software solution
  • Built-in data link
  • Certified solution, technical support
  • Connecting an external antenna for signal amplification and data transmission
  • Integration with CRM
  • Notification via e-mail, SMS, Telegram
  • The presence of a structural (logical) interactive map
  • Overlay of device icons on the BTI plan, geographic map
  • 80 pre-configured device control templates
  • Support for all manufacturers of equipment for security systems


30 minutes setup

Pick up in 30 seconds